Back at it!

As I step through the showroom door I immediately spot you sitting at your desk, white blouse open down to the third button showing off just enough cleavage to get my blood pumping. You look up at me as I walk toward you, the smile on your face turning to a grin as I get closer; you know what I’m here for – You!

Looking around the showroom, as I lean against your edge of the desk, I see that we’re alone; all your colleagues are out working. Peering down you blouse I can now see your chest starting to heave as your heart starts to pound with anticipation; your breath getting deeper.

Hello little one, I’ve missed you!

Hello Mr Jones, yes it has been a long time.

Placing your hand on my knee you slowly run it up to my growing cock, cupping it, rubbing it through my jeans while we talk. Typical catch up chit chat while you rub my cock until its trying to burst through.

You know if you climb under my desk, no one can see you!

Taking the hint I lean over and kiss you placing my hands on your hips as I roll you away from your desk. At first I’m a little frustrated as I look at your white stocking clad legs; I’m expecting pantyhose but then I feel relieved and excited as I spread your legs to discover they are stockings and they are clipped to a pair of suspenders. I snuggle into my hiding spot under your desk as you stand up in front of me, reaching up into your skirt I quickly unclip your stocking, remove your knickers, re-clip your stocking, hitch up your skirt just enough, sit you down on the edge of your chair and roll you in toward me. As you get closer to me you spread your legs, in this enclosed space under your desk I’m rewarded with your aroma in particular the smell of your pussy as it moves closer to me glistening wet in the low light.

Wrapping my legs around the base of your chair and placing your thighs on my shoulders I start to kiss the soft skin of your inner thigh, using every ounce of resistance available to stop myself from ferociously burying my face in your wet cunt. Kissing from one thigh to the other as I move closer to my goal.

My legs wrapped around your chair, your legs wrapped around my head,

My hands gripping your backside, your hands gripping the keyboard and mouse,

My face about to enter your precious pussy, your face about to spasm as I do so

My tongue wet and ready for action, your tongue dry with anticipation.

The first touch against your silky smooth folds is felt on the tip of my nose, my lips instantly pucker up and gently kiss you as the tip of my nose nudges your ring. I follow up with a broad tongue, dipping the tip in as it moves its way up over your wet lips until it reaches your ring. So Wet! All I want to do is grab you by the hips and pull you in to suck all the lady liquid from you, but no, I promised myself I would behave here at your place of work; well…

I feel your body groan and flinch as the excitement competes with the anxiety as I suck the ring into my mouth and pull at it, holding the ring between my bottom lip and teeth I start to flick at it with my tongue, your whole body slumps a little as you let yourself start to enjoy the moment. Finding a comfortable spot I release your ring, lower my head allowing my tongue to penetrate you as deep as it can; lapping up your tasty lady liquid while giving you a chance to compose yourself and get comfortable before I get serious.

After sucking up as much juice as I can I start licking my way back up to your clit, as I flick your ring again for the first time the phone rings. Like a diligent little worker you answer it with your ever pleasant customer service voice, that croaks a little as I reach you clit. Not wanting to get you in trouble I stop while you talk, but as soon as you’re silent I start again, sucking your clit, ring and lips into my mouth every time you start to talk; humming softly with you in my mouth. Your responses to the customer getting shorter and louder as the conversation continues, all this time I’m struggling to believe you’re actually letting me do this to you while you’re on the phone. Finally the conversation ends, as soon as you hang up I feel your hands on my head as you position me where you need me.

This time don’t stop, no matter what happens!

Almost barking these orders at me it’s easy to tell your frustration is now in command and you want that orgasm at your desk.

Dreaming about watching my cock, glistening with your juices, sliding its full length in and out of your wet cunt drives me as I work the spot you have directed me to. This time I’m not holding back, sliding my left hand around from gripping your backside I slide one, then two fingers inside penetrating deeply as you move to hang your pussy off the edge of the seat. My tongue working your engorged clit while my fingers thrash around looking for the spot, they find what they are looking for and start rubbing, I feel the chair jerk suddenly not knowing why I keep working; just like I was told to. Work it I did, the jerk was you reacting to me finding the spot, I feel your legs open wider as you take your thighs off my shoulders and place your feet on the ground giving you better stability as you grab the edge of desk with such force the whole thing moves. Flicking with my tongue and banging deep with my fingers I feel your left leg start to shake as you attempt to stifle the loud groans that are trying to exit your body. In the final throws of an orgasm you let go of the desk, grab hold of my head, throw your legs up knocking paperwork and equipment off your desk, let out the stifled groan and push out with your pussy as you pull in with my head. I keep sucking and licking up your juice while you slowly step away from the orgasm and back into reality, when it feels like you’re back in the room I pop my head out from under your skirt and smile at you with shiny wet face.

The one and only thought on my mind after that was getting inside you; I look around and spot the door to the back room, before you can say anything I have you rolling in your chair. Still half off with the orgasm fairies you follow my lead, as soon as we’re in the back room I start to release the beast and get you out of the chair; bending over the orders bench. Hitching your skirt up once again, the site of your thighs and that ass makes me even harder, as I give you a playful slap before I slide inside you. Nice and slow to start with while I savour the feeling of your wet cunt around my throbbing cock.





In, push in DEEP and HARD, gripping your hips as I push in.

Spreading your legs a little you drop nicely so I can get really deep as you reach through and cup my balls. The soft touch of your hand on my balls is the catalyst for change as I speed up and start with quick and long in/out, moving my right hand from your hip to the back of your head gripping your hair as I start to slam my cock in and out of your now dripping pussy. You’re so wet I can hear the sound of your juices as they splat the floor on every stroke, and feel it as it sprays my leg at the same time.

Cum for me, Cum with me, Cum in me, just cum Now! Argh!

With my left hand on you back above your hip, my right hand gripping your hair and my elbow in your back I keep the long strokes going. I can feel your pussy grip around my cock as you start to orgasm again, my strokes quick and from the hip as I start to feel the rush of cum rising in my cock. Slamming into you hard and deep I can now feel you pushing back and pulsating on me as you draw the hot explosion from my cock, my right leg shaking as the last drops fill your pussy.

Putting my cock away, I bend over, kiss you, and whisper

Until next time my little one, you should call me some time soon.

Feeling rather content and pleased with my efforts, I straighten myself up and leave the store; calling out to you as I leave.

I love you my little one.

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