Good Morning #11

I wake to the sounds of birds and the smell of your hair. Stretching out I feel the blood rushing and my shorts begin to bulge as I roll over to you; you’re my little spoon. Your feet rub mine and you let out a small groan as you feel me get close, the kind of groan a person makes as they climb into bed after a long day and their head hits the pillow; a comfort groan.

Getting comfortable I lay my head down and close my eyes, hoping for another 10 minutes sleep. To my surprise you push your butt hard up against my morning glory and allow my hand to settle on you plump breast; your nipple encased between my fingers. Instead of more sleep I’m brought to life by your hand slipping between us exposing my now hard cock and guiding it past your knickers sliding straight into your wet hole. The groan that escapes you this time is not that of comfort, it’s one of fulfilment.

The slow strokes that follow are long, deep and hard. My hand wonders from cupping your breast to a firm pass over your neck and then to grabbing a fist full of your hair as I build rhythm and speed, with my other hand holding your hip to bring you into my thrusts. I can feel your pussy get wetter as I approach my finale; but not just yet. Releasing your hair I wrap that arm around you, over your shoulder so I can once again play with your nipple. Moving back to slow, deep and hard I release your hip and slide my hand into your knickers, I waste no time finding your engorged clit flicking it with my middle finger.

Yes, yes. Keep going.

These are the only words I’ve heard from you so far today. Your back now arching I can feel your body twitch as you reach that place of desire, that place we all long for while you push down hard on my cock; your pussy massaging my shaft as you orgasm.

Pulling away from me you get up on your knees and pull your soaking knickers down begging me to get behind you. Without hesitation I’m back inside you, this time its fast, deep and hard. Leaning on one elbow you reach through cupping my boys with the right amount of grip.

Cum for me baby, please cum for me.

How can I resist, I start to unload inside you, filling you with my hot man juice. My orgasm so intense I fall to the bed dragging you with me as I continue to squirt with every thrust. Finishing with a deep hard thrust that you can feel in the right spot, giving you a small short lived gift.

Collapsing and still inside you we return to our spooning position, resting our heads we drift back for that extra 10 minutes of well deserved sleep.

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