adult fantasy · love

Taking Your Hand in Mine.

Leaving the restaurant I take your hand in mine and suggest a wonder around the streets near the hotel,

“Perhaps a little window shopping, I can’t imagine much will be open at this time of night”.

We walk hand in hand for a minute talking while I listen to the fluctuations in your voice as your enthusiasm for different parts of your tale change. Gracefully I let go of your hand and wrap my arm around your waist embracing you with my warmth you immediately do the same, the comfort of your arm around me and your head on my shoulder feels familiar yet I find it to be unusual; after about 2 minutes of walking and talking I realise why that is.

I don’t feel awkward,

We’re not stepping on each other’s feet or out of time and I don’t feel like I’m having to adjust my stance to allow this usually awkward walk to occur, because we fit; I say nothing, I simply smile in the realisation that we are made for one another and kiss your head.

You stop in front of a store loaded with cool little trinkets and gravitate to the window letting me go as you do so; I follow behind you instinctively placing my hands on your hips and letting them run around your waist while I move in closer and gently kiss you on the back of the neck. We stop there for a few minutes while you try and ignore me nibbling your ear and kissing just below it on your neck while you peer through the store window; I can feel you slowly melt in my arms and hear your voice wane as you find it difficult to talk. Feeling how much you’re turned on I slide my hand down the inside of your skirt, we stand there for a further two or three minutes while I gently play with your clit. You lean back into me your head on my shoulder, lightly I kiss and bite at your neck and move my hand further down over your lips and insert a finger my other hand slides under your top and over your breast. I look up to see our reflection in the store window and encourage you to do the same; you take a look and enjoy it for a moment and then realise where we are and what I’m doing to you. Making me remove my hands you start walking on, I lick my finger and whisper in your ear telling you how good you taste. A few minutes later we chance upon an adult shop.

Inside you see a side of me you haven’t seen before, I’m like a kid in a candy shop; looking at all the toys. Not just looking but studying so I can see how much it has all changed in the last 12 or so years since I worked in one, what’s new, what’s the same. I look over at you and you’re smiling at me with a look of sex in your eye that sets a tingle in my groin so I move closer, place one arm around your waist and bring you in to me.

“What are you thinking?”

Before you can answer me I catch sight of the lingerie section and drag you over to it. The lingerie, costume and role playing department makes such a large part of the store it has its own room, as we walk in we both see a French Maid outfit. It was perfect, short black dress with a white frilly apron and black pinafore style bib, white blouse, stay up opaque white stockings and white frilly panties. We continue looking around at all the other costumes, school girl, policewoman, nurse, and piles of sexy lingerie, baby dolls, sets, dresses and corsets but we both kept coming back to the French maid. It’s perfect, shortly afterwards we make our purchases and head back out into the cold night air and back to our hotel.

At our hotel we almost run to the room, I manage to unlock the door into the airlock to our room but while I’m desperately trying to unlock the second door you start undoing my belt. I just manage to open the door and start to step inside when you pull my jeans down around my ankles, fall to your knees and put my cock in your mouth. I try to close the door before somebody from the next room finds us, kicking off my shoes as I go, so I can get my jeans off, you’re licking your lips as you grab my dick again; thinking about which bit you want first while you play with my piercing.

Once inside the room, you wrap your lips around my cock while I lean my back against the wall, my hand gently holding the back of your head slowly guiding the rhythm. I’m finding it hard to move as your lips seal around my shaft and your tongue caresses my head, you move to playing with my ring, then teasing my head, biting and pulling on the ring followed by nibbling my cock all the way down until you have my entire throbbing shaft in your mouth. You apply just enough pressure as you run your lips up my shaft before starting again. As much as I love having you suck my cock I want you to feel my rock hard love for you from the inside, I grab you by the shoulders and lift you up, you’re sucking my cock with such force that a popping sound can be heard as it comes out of your mouth. As soon as you’re standing I lift your skirt up ripping your knickers off I spin the both of us around so I have you up against the wall, I wrap my arms around you and lift, you instantly wrap your legs around my body and draw me in close. You are so wet from all the talk and build up that I slide inside you with ease we’re a perfect fit, I start pounding you against the wall in the entrance to the hotel room, I can feel your juices spraying from you on every stroke and running down my leg as I move you from one wall to another pounding you as hard as I can every time we reach another wall. It reminds me of fucking you at the old house when it was empty, I carried you from room to room and in the hallway with the front door open for the world to see. While I’m fucking you like this you remove our tops. Running my hand up and down your thighs, kissing you with such force it hurts, I lift you up again to get a better hold as I do so my face is buried in your breasts, I let my tongue find its way to your nipple.

You’re up against the wall with my dick ramming you,

My hands gripping you arse,

My face is buried in your breast

My teeth around your nipple

I’m getting close now and will need to get out of you very soon so I carry you to the bed and throw you onto it, you immediately remove what clothes you have left on while I watch you; I do the same. I stand for a moment taking in every inch of you as you start to rub yourself; I dive in lifting your legs up so your thighs are around my ears. I start with a broad lick of your pussy from one end to the other feeling every bit with my tongue loving how familiar it feels how well I know and love it, I do that a couple more times soaking up your juices every time. I lift your legs even higher and lay you on your side so I can penetrate you deep with my tongue as deep as I can get into you, sucking in your juices, your sweet juices I love your taste so much I cannot get enough. Up until this point you’ve been making light groans of enjoyment feeling your own breasts and squeezing your nipples, the moment my tongue enters your arse I can feel you tense up when you realise what is happening then allow yourself to enjoy it, you relax and I get my tongue in deeper. I lower your legs and look up at you smiling; you smile back at me and grab the back of my head shoving my face back into your pussy. I play with you sucking in your lips, running my tongue through them while they are in my mouth, I do this a couple of times, opening my mouth setting your lips free I start working your engorged clit. I know I’m working it how you like it from years of loving you, knowing how to work you. I love the way you have both of your hands on my head running them over my hair, holding me like you do with your left leg across my back and your right leg free. Both my hands have been caressing you, working their way to your tits, I grab a handful and make sure your nipples are between my knuckles so I can squeeze and pull at the same time followed by some light flicking with my fingers. Meanwhile I can feel your clit harden, I stop flicking it and suck it into my mouth, in and out repeatedly, nibbling on it as I do, it drives you so crazy you let me and everybody on our floor know that if feels good with a deep loud moan followed by you screaming my name. I slide my right hand down from squeezing those beautiful breasts over your left butt cheek squeezing it on my way through, inserting two fingers allowing the knuckle on my ring finger to rub your arse and pushing my thumb between your lips, at the top of your wet hole, rubbing in circles. You start to arch you back and lift your groin up, you love it! I push deeper with my fingers feeling around at the front wall I know what I’m looking for, I’ve felt it so many times before.

You’re lying naked on the bed, legs spread

I’m right where I love to be, my face wet with your juices

Your hands on my head guiding my rhythm, never having to adjust my position

My tongue working your clit

My hand grabbing you breast and squeezing your nipple

Your back arched as I hit the spot and push you closer to orgasm

I move my hand from your breast to support your back and keep you up there so I can penetrate you deeper with my fingers.

I’m back to flicking your clit at a steady pace, you hear the noises of enjoyment coming from me.

I close my mouth around your clit, making sure the tip is inside my mouth so I can flick it while still placing a nice amount of pressure around it with my lips.

The sounds I make are now resinating through you like thousands of tiny vibrations over your clit, having you in my mouth and under my control is just what I like. Moving my hand from your back my fingers find the spot just above your pelvic bone where my other hand is pushing out from inside you, they meet and start to rub. Instantly you start to juice up as though some one turned on a tap inside you.

You scream in absolute ecstasy there is nothing that can stop you now, your legs tighten around my head and your hands pull me in deeper. I can feel your muscles contract on your stomach and inside of you, I push deeper rubbing deep inside up along the front wall past my other hand pushing in and to the opening over and over again until your whole body shakes and I can feel the power of your orgasm. My fingers get sucked further into you and every muscle in your groin pulsates your thighs tighten around my head, your bum lifting off the bed; I follow you while I keep working your clit. Your leg kicks as you reach the final stages; you sit up and reach over my head bringing your hand down in a mighty and loud slap across my backside.

All I want to do is keep eating you until I make you squirt or fuck you again, my cock is so hard it feels like it is about to explode. To my absolute surprise you push me off slapping me a second time, laughing as you do so:

 “what no, I want to fuck you now! I need to fuck you now!”

I say as I try grabbing at you to bring you back to me.

“You’ll get me in a minute”

Is your reply as you shoot me a cheeky smile heading to the bathroom with our latest purchase. Knowing what you’re doing I get ready to be Mr Jones your Boss, I put a few items of clothes back on and wait. A few minutes later you come out in character.

“Mr Jones, Mr Jones where are you, I’m here for my English tuition”

I come out from the bedroom dressed in just my trunks and a T-shirt, looking at you a horn immediately grows in my trunks. You manage to pull off the school girl outfit so well and you’ve even put your hair up in pigtails, every fantasy I’ve ever had about you dressed like a school girl comes rushing back and is being satisfied just by looking at you standing in front of me, smiling.

“Oh, Mr Jones! Were you not expecting me, where are your pants?”


“No, I was expecting my, actually it doesn’t matter… But seeing you’re here Miss Bedford your English grades for this term are not looking very good, I can help you work on that. I think we should start with your use of then and than”

I step over to the bag of new purchases and grab the horse crop you picked out.

“I have tried repeatedly this term to get you using these words how they are meant to be and you just don’t get it, so I’m hoping I can teach you a lesson that will help you remember. Please take a seat on the couch and we’ll begin; I’ve come to realise I need to use language that you want to hear. For example the word THAN can be used: ‘would you prefer I punish you with this whip more THAN making you suck my cock’ as opposed to the use of the word THEN in a similar sentence ‘would you prefer I punish you with this whip and THEN you suck my cock’ am I making any sense to you Miss Bedford?”

I’ve been pacing the room stopping in front of you as I ask this final question, my bulging trunks in your face.

“Yes sir, you do. I cannot tell you if I would prefer to be whipped more THAN wrapping my lips around your cock but I can tell you if I had to choose in which order I would prefer you whip me THEN let me suck your cock. But sir there is a third option!”

“What’s that Miss Bedford?”

“You could whip me while I sucked your cock, please sir?”

You drop to your knees in front of me and take my cock out holding it for a moment before you start running your tongue around the rim of my head. Faking a protest I whip you through your outfit.

”I can’t let this Happen Miss Bedford, it’s against the schools code of conduct and my own morals”

You ignore me and keep working my cock, I strike you again, you look up at me with my cock in your mouth giving me a look as if to say, is that all you’ve got, so I reach down and lift your skirt and let go with a strike that instantly turns red on your backside. You love it and take my cock deep in your mouth until you feel it in your throat. I move us around so I can sit on the couch while you keep working my cock and I make sure I can strike you some more. By changing position you get better access to all of me, you push me back into the chair, completely remove my trunks and run your hands through my chest hair you place your mouth around my balls, sucking on them both one at a time, from there you work your way up my shaft licking it like an ice cream moaning like you have just taken a bite of your favourite food. Your hand moves to cup my balls and lightly massage them while you get to work on my cock, you spit on it, repeatedly, while rubbing it in with your hand pulling on it like as if you want to rip it off; it hurts, but it’s a good hurt. You spit again before you really start working it, slobbering all over my cock I can see and feel so much spit, it’s flying off my cock on every up stroke. Now your moans are louder you can’t get enough of me, I’ve only ever seen  blow jobs like this in porn and  dreamed of having you dressed in a school girl outfit sucking my dick like this. I’m in heaven.

Wanting to do something with my hands I grab your head again following your rhythm and holding your pigtails like handle bars, I watch you work on my cock; this is an image I never want to forget. You’re good, it’s not long before I can feel an explosion rising, you feel it too. I let go of one of your pig tails and pick up the whip striking you across your arse, hurting you and driving you to work my cock harder, you drop my dripping cock from your mouth and place it between your tits still inside that white blouse, wrapping my legs around you I draw you in close and thrust between those beautiful tits your tongue and lips engulfing the head of my cock when it gets close enough.

“Please Mr Jones, I don’t think you’ve punished me enough with that…”

I strike you again as I stand up grabbing you by the head and turning you around, I bend you over the table lift your skirt and strike you again, pull your panties down and run my hand over your wet hole sliding my fingers in and out. I strike you twice more with the crop before I enter you from behind.

“Oh Mr Jones what are you doing”

“Teaching you a lesson Miss Bedford, I’m fucking you THEN I’m going to let you suck my cock again because I’d rather cum in your mouth THAN in your pussy”

I start pounding you so hard you are forced to grab the edges of the table for balance your whole body is taking my thrusts. Once again you’re so wet and I’m hammering you with such gusto that I can feel you dripping, not just dripping almost spraying. LONG   HARD   DEEP  strokes I’m real fucking close now, I pull out strike you again and sit down, you instantly turn around, grab my cock and start yanking at it, I strike you again and you go back to the porn star blow job you started, my throbbing cock dripping in your juices adding to the taste and enjoyment for both of us, looking down at you I commit mental images that will stay with me forever, you look up at me our eyes connect and at that very moment I start to unload you keep going until you feel me soften a little, my pulsing slows and like a good girl you swallow what is in your mouth but now you have me in your hand milking every last drop out of me onto your breasts rubbing my cum into your skin and over your nipples, then licking up every drip off my still hard cock.

“Cum for me baby, give me everything you have”

When you’re done I place a hand under your chin and bring you up to kiss me, I can taste me and you in your mouth, the look on your face is priceless, so I do it again; deeper…..and longer.

I pick you up in a fireman’s carry, over my shoulder, and take you to the bed, you have hold of my T-Shirt pulling it off as I throw you off my shoulder, laying on the bed you start to remove the school girl outfit; I stop you at the white stocking telling you to keep them on.

“Yes Mr Jones”

Comes your reply, I take advantage of you wanting to play the submissive school girl and tell you to lay back with your legs open while you play with yourself. I watch you from the end of the bed while I stroke my cock back into a hard throbbing shaft, I can see you watching the way I rub myself, you’re enjoying every stroke. After a short while I approach the bed.








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