adult fantasy

Good Morning #10

I find you wearing nothing but my business shirt, laying on one half of the bed with your legs curled up and your arms hugging your knees. You always look hot in my shirts but with you like this my hormones are running wild. Peaking out the bottom of my shirt is your beautiful round ass, and a hint of your pussy.

Moving closer I can hear the deep slow breath as you gently find sleep. I lift the shirt to expose more of your pussy, I want to see your piercing. With my favourite parts exposed I lay on the bed next to you positioning myself so that I can eat you. I gently place a hand on your waist to wake you as I plunge my tongue deep inside your wet pussy. Holding you in place I continue working my way up to your clit and that ring, you’re waking now to the warm rushes through your body as I tease and tantalise you. Moments later I have your screaming and holding my head, pushing my face in deeper as your orgasm.

On my knees, I keep you as you were, as I drop my throbbing hard cock inside your juicy wet cunt. A leg on either side of you as I spread you wide and bury my cock deep, deep I grind my cock in, grinding inside you. Pulling out just enough so I can take a swing and spank your ass before I plough you again. Spanking you gets me off, I spank you again, the grunts of pleasured pain escaping your lips push me closer. Grabbing your thigh I open you up to fuck you hard and fast, my finger lands near your clit so I start randomly flicking it around hoping to make contact as I continue to pump your wet cunt with my throbbing cock. I turn you on your back as I pull out and cum all over your chest, belly and my shirt. Rubbing my fist against you as I pump out the last squirts, urging me to keep going as you start to orgasm again.

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