Knock on my door & lick my V – w4m

Away from home, in another state, I find myself laying in my hotel bed with an early morning hard on desiring a woman. Letting my small brain, the one located in the head of my now engorged cock, take control I pick up my phone and start looking through the casual encounters listings. Filtering “W4M” to eliminate the 1,000’s of adverts I’m not interested in, ignoring those poorly written ads that are obviously created by someone or something in another country in hope that I’m naïve enough to contact them so they can get me to sign up to some bullshit site so I can get their contact details; the only fucking going on there is the fuck around that leads to nothing but a payment for someone else.

Eventually I come across a listing that looks slightly more legit than the rest, something about it just seems real:

Knock on my door & lick my V – w4m

I would like for a taller older man to come to my door. ring my door bell. I will answer in a short dress, you will get on your knees, push my panties to the side and eat me out.

email me a photo and a bit about yourself to make my fantasy come true.

Body Curvy

Height 5’5″

Status Single

age 27

Reading it I went well, I’m older than her, I’m taller than her and fuck yes I love to eat Pussy. I’m not sure if it was my small brain or my big brain that made the decision to reply, in the end I guess that doesn’t matter:


I’m a 41 year old, 5’10” male who loves to eat pussy, your fantasy of being eaten by a stranger on your door step has made my cock hard; my mouth is salivating for your nectar.

I’m here until the end of the week, if you want an experienced man who has NEVER failed to make a woman cum reply to me asap.

I look forward to not knowing your name while I make you buckle as your knees turn weak.

A reply to this gets my picture

Did I expect a reply? No

Did I want a reply? I’m not sure, I’ve entertained the idea of an NSA meeting with a horny anonymous woman in the past but I’ve never had the opportunity to follow through with it. If this happened and all she wanted was my tongue, would that leave me hornier than before, would that be classed as cheating, would I walk away wanting more and do things I never thought I would do. A turmoil of questions raced through my brain while I waited, hoping the listing was real and this curvy 27 year old woman would reply and ask me to knock on her door with  my tongue at the ready.

Did I get a reply? Yes!

Throughout the day I diligently checked my phone every time it vibrated to notify me, Facebook, junk emails, SMS, Snapchat and WordPress (The WordPress notifications are my favorite). Lunch time rolled around and I had started to lose hope, placing my phone on the table as I started to eat my lunch it vibrated again; thinking nothing of it I finished eating before I picked it up to check it. Wow! she replied:

Hello 41 year old Male.

Please send through a recent picture of yourself.

Well it wasn’t an invite but it was certainly more than I had expected, with my heart racing from anticipation and excitement of this potential meeting I searched through my phone for a recent picture of myself. I found plenty of pictures of my dog and children but none of me; time to put everything I’ve learnt from the younger generation to work and take a selfie! Selfie taken and sent I wait a little longer staring at my phone until a knock on my office door snaps me out of my trance, getting on with the task at hand helps to put this to the back of my mind. Site inspections and training sessions complete, I pick up my phone at 3:30 pm to find that she replied to me about an hour earlier:

For an older man with a beard I think you look cute, I can almost feel your bristles against my inner thigh as I write to you now. 

Tonight 9pm, knock on my door with 4 solid spaced knocks so that I know it is you. Do not try and kiss me or come inside, as soon as I open the door I want you to drop to your knees and eat me. I’m already dripping wet thinking about it so I hope you like your pussy juicy.

and then she gave me her address.

Now all the doubts are going through my mind is this woman real, is it someone who wants to rob or kill me, by curvy does she mean to say that she is so large I’m going to struggle getting in between her legs, or is this a set up and the owner of the house not aware of what will be knocking on their door at 9pm. So I decided I would do a recognisance run just to make sure, straight after work I drove around to the address she gave me, passing it slowly; all appeared to be normal the house looked like it was lived in; not abandoned. I parked up just down the street to watch it for a while see if anyone came of left; after about 40 minutes I noticed a curvy 20 something girl get of a bus and walk down the street, she was so good looking it didn’t cross my mind it could be the same girl. Then she walked into the house I was watching…

Finding it hard to believe this was real I sent a reply:

Thank you for your kind words, it’s always nice to hear when woman find me attractive; even if in a cute kind of way.

I look forward to seeing you at 9pm tonight, can I ask you to send me a picture of yourself so if I get the wrong house I don’t make a fool of myself or worse…

I decided I would sit and wait for a reply before I left, about a minute after pressing send she appears in her front yard, phone in hand taking a selfie with her house behind her, checks it smiles and returns inside. My phone vibrates, it’s her, attached is the very picture I just watched her take with a short message:

I’ve taken this shot in front of my house so that you’ll know both me and my house. Remember don’t try and kiss me or come inside, just eat my pussy.

I replied immediately:

Thank you,

See and eat you at 9pm

Heading back to the hotel I made note of how long it took, ate dinner and had a shower, checking the time every five minutes. I left 15 minutes early so I could watch the house for any signs of dodgy activity. 8:50 her front door opens and she walks out with an older couple, being a warm night I have my window wound down, I can faintly hear her say her goodbyes to her mum and dad before returning inside; she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. 8:57 her front door opens again, she pops her head out, this time she is wearing a short black dress showing lots of leg; she looks around spots me and smiles and goes back inside.

8:59 I’m standing at the front door heart racing mouth dry, fuck I can’t have a dry mouth! Licking my lips and trying to get my salivary glands working I look at my phone. 9:00 Moment of truth…





Without hearing any footsteps the door opens, she looks at me and says something about me being on time, I didn’t really hear it because I was already on my way down to my knees. On my knees I placed a hand on either calf and ran them up both her legs, over the back of her knees, over her thighs until I reached her panties, sliding both hands in under and squeezing her subtle cheeks in my hands, this time I heard and understood her; her groans where of someone who was getting what they desired. I had already lifted her dress enough to expose her pussy, her panties pulled tight I could easily see the outline of her plump lips right where her panties were dark from her nectar. leaning in I started by placing my whole mouth over the damp patch and breathing my hot breath out before sucking her juices out of the panties, still holding her ass cheeks I drop my nose down to her folds pressing in and rubbing them through the cloth until finally I ran my right hand around and pushed aside the material barrier preventing me from getting to her wet and waiting hole. Panties to the side I run my fingers up and down her lips finally inserting my thumb into her dripping hole, gripping her ass with my fingers; I start flicking her swollen clit with the tip of my tongue. My other hand finds its way under her dress and around to her breasts, quickly and easily finding its target pinching and squeezing nipples, groping and cupping her bosom.

She staggers back and leans against the wall her hand on my head dragging me in with her, she spreads her legs and bends her knees so she is standing in a martial arts style horse stance. Removing my thumb I grasp her left thigh and lift it so that I can get my face in and more importantly my tongue, her nectar as delicious as any nectar I have tasted; now dripping from my chin as I rapidly fire my tongue in and out of her wet hole stopping only to run it around her insides and lap up more of her delicious goodness. When I’m sure I’ve sucked all excess juice I return to her lips and her clit, long slow and purposeful licks from wet hole to throbbing clit; teasing her as I go. My fingers now finding there way back to the place which I desire most, barely penetrating her as they walk their way from front to back, my tongue working her clit her hands pushing my face into her crutch, her groans getting deeper, louder and more animalistic. I can feel her getting close so I ram both fingers in her cunt, she says something but I can’t understand it as she has her hands over my ears, she says it again, finally on the third time I understand her; she wants me to play with her arsehole. Complying I stick my slick and wet index finger in her tight back passage while my thumb returns to her cunt they find each other with a thin layer of skin between them and start rubbing each other from side to side. The moment my finger entered her back passage her knees weakened and I found myself supporting her.

My finger in her ass, my thumb in her cunt, my tongue flicking her clit, my hand groping her breast, my head in her hands, and my whole body helping the wall keep her upright; I keep focused on my goal. Rubbing, squeezing, sucking, flicking and listening to her moans and groans I knew I had her on the edge, and then it happened her legs completely gave way as her pussy sprayed nectar all over my face, opening my mouth I try to collect as much as I can while I try and support her. sliding sideways down the wall she ends up laying on the floor in the corner with one leg in the air and the other on the ground I keep working her as she hasn’t told me to stop. A second wave as she squirts so much my shirt is starting to drip with her juices, this time she pushes me away. I’m so hard all I can think about it how good my cock would feel inside her wet hole, still on my knees I undo my pants and release the beast. Looking down at my hard and pierced cock her face shows a mixture of excitement and fear NO, not inside me! Are the only words that come out of her mouth, reaching forward she lubes up her hand with the abundance of girl goo before gripping my cock. With a very hard and rough grip she strokes my cock while cupping my balls, I ask her to put it in her mouth. NO, not inside me. comes her reply, but she does increase the speed of her strokes until I can feel myself about to cum. She felt it too and lifted her dress to expose her breasts, load after load of my thick, white and hot man spit spurted out. Just as she thought I was done and went to let go I could feel more, gripping her hand in mine around my cock I guided her strokes to the final shot; every drop had landed right where she wanted it on her chest. As soon as I was done she asked me to leave, she remained on the floor with the door wide open, as I walked down the driveway I looked back to see her rubbing my cum in with hers all over her sweaty curvy body, smiling at me with a content look on her face.

I called out: you can read all about this on my blog you can find it on WordPress by searching Talking Dirty.

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