adult fantasy

Wanton Man

Her eyes so sultry, her hair so wild, her mouth perfectly shaped.

Her smile so beautiful, her lips so plump, her kiss I long for.

Her scent so evoking, her presence so intoxicating, her touch I desire.

Her skin so soft, her nails so long, her clawing I imagine.

She has called me Mr Jones, I like it, but I want her to call me Daddy

Her body so young, her youth I yern for.

Distance can be an issue, but only if we allow it. 

She leaves me Wanton with her youth, I miss it when I’m without her. 

Our love is like none either has had before, our hearts and minds are learning from it.

When she is not here I’m a Wanton Man, others may fill the space but none may take her place.

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