adult fantasy

Cute little ring

To start with I wasn’t sure if you were just being super friendly or actually flirting. Last I had heard you were “seeing” some guy and me well I’ve been married for years, so I only ever thought of our relationship as work mates nothing more; well other than those moments when I’m alone in the shower. That was until tonight when you surprised me first for knowing the song the dj played, it came out the year you were born, and second for staring me straight in the eye as you mouthed every line perfectly; Nine Inch Nails – Closer…

Watching your mouth as you lip sinked I want to fuck you like an animal I felt my cock harden, your eyes virtually burning my clothes off me. You either didn’t care if anyone we worked with noticed or you were sure they wouldn’t think anything of it. 

As soon as the song finished you went back to your conversation with that tall skinny girl and I kind of felt teased, so I finished my drink and headed to the toilets. Happy to find you waiting for me when I came out, leaning against the wall looking fucking sexy in that short grey woolen dress. Stopping to talk to you I keep my distance, thinking about the wedding ring that I don’t wear, but the distance is too much for you so you step in closer. I take a step back and you step in again, one more time and now I’m leaning against the wall; you’re not about to take no for an answer. Stepping in one more time, I have no where to go, you run your hand around my waist and pull me in close as you remind me what a great kiss is. First you tease me with a light tester, followed by more, more lips and more pressure, next comes the sucking on my bottom lip as you grind your groin on my thigh. In a matter seconds I’m yours to do with as you please, but you don’t stop there, I hear a small groan escape your lips as you continue to grind against my thigh and your mouth moves to my neck; a small nibble on my ear followed by sucking, biting and kissing my neck just below my ear. My cock, semi erect before, is now throbbing and begging to be set free. As if reading my cocks mind you whisper in my ear, let’s get out of here.

No, I can’t, surprising myself I try to say no, I’m sure I’m one of the first to say no to you, it surprised you even more than it did me; but it only stopped you for a second. Licking my neck, sucking on my ear, grinding against my thigh, moaning and now rubbing my hard cock with your hand. Let’s go, your fucking hard cock is telling me everything I need to know; you want me, you want to fuck me, you want to hear me scream as you enter me again and again, you want to play with my cute little ring.

What ring?

Lifting up the front of your dress and grabbing my hand, you guide my fingers to you clit and there sitting perfectly in your wet hood I could feel a cute little piercing. Not being able to stop myself I start to play with it, suddenly you slap my hand away if you take me to your hotel you can play with it to your hearts content.

There was no point trying to deny my desires any longer, I desire and want you and you me; what more needs to be said. With your bag already in hand we head out to the taxi rank, jump in the first cab to my hotel. In the back of the cab you make it clear that you don’t want to me touch you in front of the driver; but that didn’t mean you couldn’t tease me. Sitting on opposite sides with you behind the driver you lift that dress up again revealing a pair of Wonder Woman knickers. Opening your legs and pulling the cloth tight over the piercing I long to flick with my tongue, I can clearly see the outline through the cloth. Rubbing yourself until a wet spot appears in the folds of you knickers that represent the folds of your lips. In return I grab my hard cock at the base and emphasis it’s size and stiffness by lifting it to push against cloth. Blowing me kisses and seductively sucking on fingers, I feel the urge to jump on you here and now; just as you had planned – you need me to want you so much I’ll break down doors to get you in my room.

Finally the cab pulls up at the hotel and you jump out while I pay the driver, by the time I get out you’re leaning with your back and one foot against the wall, bag on the ground and a welcoming smile on your face. My turn to tease you, stepping in close enough for you to feel the warmth of my body and smell my cologne you close your eyes lips puckered and ready arms lifting ready to embrace, lightly and quickly I kiss you and step away to the security door that will let us in to my hotel. Annoyed and frustrated you give me a playful slap on my arse, I ask for another; you happily comply.

For once the security card reads first time, your taxi tease has driven me to get you behind closed doors. Holding the door open for you I give you a butt slap on the way past, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time, your instant reaction is to turn to me to have a go but instead you dive in to start kissing me. We embrace hands everywhere lips locked, my thoughts are brought back to that cute little ring, finding it I start to rub pressing down on it so the ball is caressing the top of your clit and you can feel every millimeter of the bar passing through your hood as I rub it back and forth. Feeling you drop against the wall as your knees weaken brings a smile to my face and words to my lips; my room is just down this hall. 

In my room we both drop or throw anything we’re carrying in favor of grabbing each other. Pulling your dress off as you kick off your shoes and fall back onto the bed; naked accept those Wonder Woman knickers. Unbottoning my shirt as I kneel on the foot of the bed; admiring every inch of your body. Smiling at me as you take off your knickers, spreading your legs; let your tongue play with my ring and make me cum around your face.

I move in to kiss you first, but you have had enough of that and want me in between your legs; pushing me down. I happily assume my favorite position and start kissing my way around finally landing on your wet and tasty lips, dipping my tongue in deep to get a good taste of you before I slowly move up to your clit. Sucking your hood and ring into my mouth and holding it there while I flick it with my tongue, driving you wild as my hands explore your beautiful body. Squeezing your backside and caressing your breasts, I drop lower and lick up from below your hood flicking flesh followed by steel. Squeezing your arse as I bring my fingers to your wet hole ready to penetrate as I work you clit, first I run my fingers one at a time from top to bottom allowing them to get a little deeper on every stroke. Pushing my fingers in deep, I stroke the front wall and continue flicking your clit, I can feel your cunt getting wetter and wetter as I milk you from the inside. On the brink you claw at my shaved head as your legs lift high, I can feel you orgasm around my fingers as the juices spill from you. Holding your legs up I bury my face deep in your juicing hole as I suck and lick up your delicious nectar.

Fuck me NOW!

Doing as I’m told I move up my cock hard raging for your pussy, it finds its place and slides in with ease and grace. I roll you into my favorite position so that I’m straddling your right leg as I pound your little cunt with my hard cock. Then I move you again, I know you’re going to love this one, with my cock throbbing hard and still inside you, I move you onto your back and slide your legs together. Moving up to djust my thrust so my shaft slides in and out as it runs up and down against your piercing. This must be the first time anyone has fucked you like this, the look on your face and the moans from your lips tell all. Mixing it up between short fast thrusts and long slow firm and purposeful thrusts, your pussy already dripping for me is now spasiming as you cum again, and again.

Smiling at you I continue fucking you like this until I get close, I love the feeling of fucking both your cunt and your clit at the same time; the feeling of your ring along my shaft. I go from those purposeful thrusts to just pounding your pussy, a clear give away that I’m close, you beg me to pull out; you want me to cum in your mouth. As I pull out you sit up grab my shaft pump it and suck on it, taking it all in as my first load releases shooting it’s warmth down your throat. You make sure the second and third shots are in your mouth where you can enjoy the taste. 

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