adult fantasy · dirty talk · erotica · sex

Oh nothing, I’m just lying here

Lying in  bed, you’re sleeping with your back to me; arse against my hip. I look over at you and see your neck, I just want to kiss it. I think about your breasts, I just want to squeeze them. I think about your cunt, I just want to fuck it.

But you’re sleeping, I know you need it and I don’t want to disturb you.

Slowly, gently and with wet fingers I start to rub myself; careful not to wake you. I start rubbing the wet around the head of my cock then two long tight strokes, a hard grip feels good; I wish it were you doing it. If I keep up these long strokes I’ll surely wake you so back to the around and around short up and down over rim of my head, I’ve done this before I know how to finish myself and not wake you. Making a circle with my thumb and index finger I press my piercing in hard so I can feel it pass over the ever so sensitive rim. I quicken my pace but only just enough, thinking about fucking you helps; I go from fantasy to memory of actual fucking back to fantasy and what I wish I was doing with you now. My leg starts to do that thing it sometimes does when I’m close, can’t let it shake too much that will surely wake you. I back off but only enough to stop the tremor in my leg, I’m so close!

You groan and move, FUCK! I stop, slowly waking you roll over sliding your leg over my hard cock and your head onto my shoulder; I wrap my arm around you. Feeling my hard on you open your eyes look at me and say ‘what were you doing?’

‘Oh nothing, I’m just lying here’ .

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